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Welcome To Aranya Suraksha Samiti-Assam


Aranya Suraksha Samiti-Assam was founded in the year of 1996 at Orang by a group of Journalists and social activist. They started this organization to fight against Rhino poaching at Orang Reserve Forest and demanded to develop this Forest as National Park. The organization started movement on their movement and also moved to the court to demarcate the area of National Park. Ultimately, Orang was declared as National Park in the year of 1999 and Aranya Suraksha Samit became a successful Environment organization which has lead the organization towards a National voluntary organization on Environment and Forest.

Objectives of Aranya Suraksha Samiti:


1) To fight against Deforestation, Environmental destruction, Poaching or anti-Environmental activities by democratic means and enforcing Laws.

2) To aware and educate the people for conservation ecology by providing information ,organising seminars, meetings, conventions; publishing journals and books; establishing library, information centre, web-sites etc; organizing Eco-festivals and establishing Research organization etc.

3) To fight against the corruption in Forest and Environment sector with the help of Law and Environmental movement.

4) To support the honest Environmental activists and co-operate with the other Eco- organizations for the protection of Environment and Nature.

5) To create an Environment conscious society in the world to save the Earth form anti-nature or anti- Ecological activities. Registration number and Head office: Rs/DAR/247/1997-1998; Head office at Dhanshrighat (Orang), Dist-Udalguri, BTAD, Assam, Pin 784114

Major activities


1) Declaration of Orang game sanctuary as Orang National Park.
2) Foundation of special Forest protection force by the Govt. on the demand of Aranya Suraksha Samiti at the president’s office of India.
3) Creating awareness for plantation by organizing Gash-Bihu-an Eco-Festival of Assam.
4) Un-Earthing the 300 core scandal of forest dept. by R.T.I. activity and P.I.L. in the High court.
5) Vulture census for the first time in N.E. India.
6) Organisation of Joint Nature-organisation Forum and raising the issue of Mega-Dam problem for the first time in N.E. in the year of 2003.